Why Schools Should Invest In Admission Management Software?

July 16, 2018

Why Schools Should Invest In Admission Management Software?

Every year schools have to go through the quintessential yet time consuming and strenuous task of student admission. The process is in itself quite complicated and lengthy, requiring a lot of efforts, time and attention. Also any mistake whether small or big cannot be afforded as a single error could lead to a lot of subsequent changes and paperwork. A school ERP software effectively reduces time, efforts and capital investment required for manual admission process.

There are various factors which could lead to improper management and hence create a chaos and ultimately consume a lot of the precious time of faculties. Only an adept, proficient and efficient school admission management software can ensure smooth and hassle free enrollment as it -

Provides Paperless Solution

Right from brochures to admission forms to receipts, admissions require a massive amount of paper and involves a lot of paperwork. Handling soft copies is much easier than managing piles and piles of papers because data stored online can easily be traced, modified, tracked, organized and compiled. Online admission forms, brochures as well as e-receipts quite conveniently eliminate papers and paperwork substantially.

Minimizes Efforts

Almost every task such as answering questions, solving student queries, registering students, nurturing leads, managing and funneling leads, collecting and organizing student information,etc. can be done online. This reduces a lot of human efforts. For instance, a school which admits students manually needs to have appropriate number of faculties just to collect admission forms and check them. Searching for a single document could take minutes for a single person whereas an online file can be extracted in just a matter of seconds from a school management system software.

Scales Down Long Queues

Buying the brochure/admission forms, enquiring about doubts, submitting the admission forms with relevant documents, paying fees, etc requires students or parents to stand in long queues. This is utterly a wastage of time because the same process can be done online and without the need of any kind of physical presence. A parent can easily pay fee from another part of the world, online! Also, this facilitates schools to get rid of multiple counters for the same process.

Decreases Time Consumption

One of the very important things is time, whether it be a parent or faculty. No person would willingly want to waste their time on manual processes which can be easily, speedily and securely done online from anywhere, anytime. Also, faculties can concentrate more on crucial things such as teaching, planning etc. rather than managing long queues.

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Lessens Space Requirement

As mentioned above, the processes involved in admissions require parents and students to be present manually which needs space. By digitizing the admissions, schools can utilize the infrastructure for something far more productive than just accommodating parents for a few occasions. Moreover, the admission forms, documents and all the student information saved on hard copies occupy a lot of unnecessary space and may create clutter. Online storage of all important documents in student information system is far more easy, affordable, manageable and secure.

Reduces Manual Workload

As a lot of manual jobs translate to a lot of staff. Manual admissions require multiple counters for the same work and a number of staff to handle those counters. Computerizing admissions means removal of needless manual practices as most of the processes become automated. This also effectively cuts back on expenses related to extra staff. Enrollment management software smooths out the procedures of enrolling student.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, digitization of admission process increases productivity, removes errors, keeps data safe and secure, generates higher and faster ROI. Lead management efficiently tracks data from multiple sources and nurtures raw data in an organized form. Analytics tools like configurable dashboards provide integrated and consistent data which facilitates faster and better decision making.

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