Why Are Schools Having Manual Processes Considered Mediocre?

July 20, 2018

Why Are Schools Having Manual Processes Considered Mediocre?

Manual school operations demand more time from faculties, administration, students, parents and the management itself! For instance, manual admission of students can take as long as a month at least. Moreover, the teachers, whose main focus is teaching, are busy in admitting and enrolling students instead of concentrating on academics. Hence its very important for institutions to deploy a compatible, efficient and implementable school management software.

Manual jobs require more efforts, consume more time and make processes lengthy as well as complicated. A student document could take minutes to find manually, whereas a soft copy of the same can be fetched instantly. The time saved on needless manual practices by implementing school erp can be effectively channelized and put to best possible use. Most importantly physical processes lack the proficiency required to stay updated with current societal scenarios and universal changes. As they lead to -

Ineffective Communication

Almost every parent, teacher and administrative staff has a smartphone or access to some kind of digital device. Hence communicating online is effortless, fast and quite sensible. The cost of mailing and posting can also be saved by sending a simple SMS or email. The prime constituents of the academic ecosystem are habitual of communicating instantly and want the schools to do the same especially when the information is Important and urgent.

Unnecessary Wastage of Time

It's the 21st century and everyone has a strict schedule. No one has enough time to stand in long queues for hours on end to pay fees offline when the same can be easily and conveniently done online. Fees can be paid online via secured payment gateways which can be accessed anytime anywhere. An adept school management system software, such as the one provided by SchoolEduerp, provides analytics tools for tracking and analysis of data from various points of view.

Overall Inefficiency

As mentioned earlier, a teacher's time which should be dedicated wholly to academics gets divided between teaching and needless manual practices. As a result the academics gets compromised, which is a huge loss for the students along with the school. Student information management system provides business intelligence which means that by implementing it, the school gets accurate, timely, integrated and consistent data. This data can be used to analyze the performance of students, any faculty, or any program and hence the productivity can be measured as well as decisions can be made to rectify the situations.

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Furthermore such schools lag behind as compared to other schools which once were on equal footing with them. The students not only face difficulties academically but also are not future ready. In this age of rapid advancements, adapting to changes quickly is the need of the hour. And the most crucial reason for schools to use student management software is that the parents expect so. Today’s parents want the best for their child and aren’t ready to compromise in any manner. Especially if that compromise affects their child's progress in any manner. And not using a school ERP software is definitely one of them. Hence schools still operating manually are considered mediocre.

Schools are most certainly a vital part of any society as they are responsible for shaping the future of that country and the world altogether. A school is all about development as it is undisputedly accountable for bringing about changes in the society by imparting value-rich, quality education to young minds. A human being grows, learns and develops the most during his school years. If the school itself is not developed or ready to accept a necessary change such as digitization, then no child studying there can be considered completely prepared to face the challenges of a digital society. Any institution willing to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world must embrace digitization and be ready to accept changes for good!

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