How Dashboards Act As An Effective Tool To Measure School And Student Success

July 25, 2018

How Dashboards Act As An Effective Tool To Measure School And Student Success

Schools today have the onerous responsibility of tackling the challenges of the promptly changing world along with social scenarios. Increased awareness, raised standard of life and highly conscious parents demand or expect one single thing from schools - Student Success! Yes, any parent seeking a school for his child would give preference to a successful school. And here comes a school management software into picture.

What is a school dashboard software?

A dashboard is a visualization of the gist of important bits of information used generally for an overview of a particular situation. A school dashboard displays vital, accurate and factual information in a graphical or pictorial form which is easy to process in a single glance. Using a colour coding method which can either be user-defined or by default it highlights information.

How does a school dashboard reporting system work?

It is an integrated software which automatically collects and processes data from different interlinked sources. Also, data is fed into the system by the school or faculty. It stores all this data in a central location and automatically performs all the calculations. The software has different filters available in it by default and again this can also be user defined. After login only a few seconds are required to generate any kind of results or reports.

How is a dashboard management software useful in measuring success?

As mentioned earlier, the software generates reports. These reports play a key role in helping the higher level management or a teacher to find out problems or issues related to academics or administration. The situation can be examined or monitored carefully before, during and after certain measures are applied. The results can thus be found out.

Dashboard management system is also helpful for management in strategic planning and decision making for the better future of the school and student success.

How does it provide business intelligence solutions?

Various reports generated by the system are as follows -

  • Class wise attendance in a day
  • Monthly attendance reports
  • Daily faculty attendance reports
  • Monthly attendance reports of the teachers/ non teaching staff
  • Fee collected in a day/week/month/ grand total
  • Fee balance or unpaid dues for a day/week/ month/ year
  • Books issued in the library in one day/week/month/academic year
  • Teacher-student ratio
  • Faculty wise class test results of classes/ sections/ any particular student
  • Faculty wise term exam results of classes/ students/ any given student
  • Performance of a single section/ class/ student/ teacher

All of the above stated reports are accurate and are based on true facts which are fed in or collected by the system. The management can obtain these reports in no time by applying multiple filters and hence they can evaluate the situation completely. Any parameter or person needing help can be pointed out. Whether a student or class or teacher requires extra efforts can be found out and either preventive or corrective measures can be laid down and again their performance can be monitored. These analytics tools assist the management to make opportune decisions and closely monitor each activity. Hence the management can make sure that the school along with the students is on the path of progress.

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Moreover a school erp software complies with all the security parameters and keeps important data safe by providing multiple layers of security. It's easy to use and doesn't require any special skills. Also it streamlines every process carried out in a campus and increases efficiency by eliminating manual practices which are slow error prone and unnecessary. It ensures that all the prime stakeholders communicate effectively and gives highest level of control to the management.

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