Can Schools Increase Their ROI by Implementing School Management Software?

July 9, 2018

School Administration Software: Ease Administrative Task Of The Staff

Providing quality education to every student and preparing them for the challenges of the world and life itself has been the major goal of every scholastic institution. But ROI (Return On Investment) is important nonetheless because, from buying school stationery to payment of faculties, everything needs capital. With rising prices and increasing expectations of both the students and their parents, how can a school operate productively yet cut back on cost?

The answer is plain and simple - School ERP software.

A school management system may seem like an unworthy investment at first but once its full potential is realized it is most certainly the best investment.

Here is how an education management software, which basically automates all the operations going on in an organization, can enhance performance, make everything manageable and reduce expenditure.

Reduced Human Efforts

A faculty's main job is to educate the students. If they are asked to do many things with teaching then their attention may get diverted and chances are that this may affect their productivity as teachers. Marking attendance, enrolling students, preparing manual report cards can all be automated, thereby saving the precious time and efforts of faculties so that their major goal can be achieved. Less human efforts means less salary and increased savings.

Secured Environment

Visitor management system along with integrated devices such as biometrics or RFID can provide safety on premises. Also, all the confidential and private data is absolutely secured by giving role based access and multiple layers of security.

Furthermore, parents can be kept informed about the status of their child via SMS or email alerts. Online fee payment portal facilitates secure, speedy and easy transaction of fee amount. This results in cost reduction as there is no need for multiple staff to collect fees. Only one person can manage fee collection process.

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Improved Accuracy

Calculations are undoubtedly one of the most vital tasks performed in any organization. One small mistake can lead to unfavourable consequences. As all the calculations and assessments are done by the ERP engine, all kinds of errors are eliminated. This provides accurate outputs every time. Computing of all things such as fees, salaries, marks, payments is possible. As a result time and ultimately cost is saved.

Speedy Communication

Communication can rightly be called as the lifeline of any establishment. This is because without information dissemination nothing can be done and no decisions can be taken. The faster the communication the better will be the results.

All types of internal, external and official communication can be done through digital modes such as emails, SMS, apps, etc available in a school ERP. Cost of printing and mailing which are essential for offline communication, are saved which means lesser spendings.


This is the age of digital revolution. People belonging to any class, social status, region or age are going digital. Right from social media to online payment modes to apps, everyone is getting involved in some or the other form of digital media. Parents as well as their children expect the schools to be digital since they themselves are reaping the benefits of digitalization. No parent would willingly stand in long queues for hours to pay fees for their child when there are so many means of paying the fees online.

Digitization of processes saves paper, printing, stationery and distributing costs. Also, a lot of space can be saved by replacing registers with excel or word files. A school management software promptly helps institutions to get digital and keep up with the present requirements of this age.

Moreover, education management software provides schools with business intelligence and analytics tools to identify as well as rectify problems. This boosts overall productivity and empowers the management to take timely decisions which proves beneficial for everyone. Thus a good erp solution such as the school management system by School EduERP, benefits the institutions in many ways and increases the ROI considerably.

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