How School Management Software Helps in Safeguarding Your School?

July 4, 2018

How School Management Software Helps in Safeguarding Your School?

Ensuring student safety has been a priority of every institution. Having proper knowledge of everything that's going on in the premises is a must for the administration to control all the activities. A school management system implementing latest technologies make it easy to monitor and track student related activities which take place in the campus. This facilitates the administration to take preventive and corrective measures to enhance student safety.

A school management software is increasingly becoming a necessity for all the present day schools who want to make swift progress, excel in their field and stay safe. This solution not only provides you with business intelligence tools to better manage the processes but also ensures the safety of each and every activity that takes place.

Enabling attainment of academic and administrative goals is the main purpose of school management system software. It uses a systematic and efficient method for continuous support as well as management of every process in a secure manner. Safety was, is and will always be a priority for every academic institution and therefore great measures are taken to make each task whether online or on campus, safe and risk-free.

  • RFID attendance

    Every student entry is recorded automatically and an SMS is sent to parents regarding the same. The data recorded by RF- Attendance is highly reliable and real-time which leaves no space for errors or delays. A user configurable timetable can be incorporated and all concerned persons can be informed when a student leaves early.

  • Notifying updates

    Administration gets notified from time to time regarding all the key details. Also, parents can be informed and kept updated on everything from their child entering the school bus to leaving the school bus. Moreover, parents are sent an SMS if the bus is delayed or there is any change in bus schedule. This ensures that the prime members are caretakers are well aware of where the student is.

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  • Authorizing entry on premises

    Any trespasser or unauthorized person can immediately be recognized via visitor management system and can be stopped from entering the premises. If they pose a security threat, the concerned personnel can be immediately notified to take further action. This prevents the campus from strangers and hence strengthens the security.

  • Bus management system

    A record of students is made while entering the bus which is enabled by RFID. Once the bus gets started, its route can be tracked. After the student is dropped off on the specified location, a notification is sent to the parents. In this way every student reaches the school and returns home safely. If, something undesirable happens, then a notification is instantly sent which lets the administration or the parents take appropriate and timely measures.

Online security with Cloud Based School ERP

As the amount of data which is fed online and the dependency on it is increasing, securing the confidential and valuable information is becoming the need of the hour.

  • Securing confidential and important school information

    Every single detail regarding students and faculty is stored online. Leakage of this information can make the organization vulnerable, severely damage its operations and lead to severe losses. Thus prevention of any kind of security breach is done by multiple layer protection of the data.

  • Safeguarding all types of transactions and payments

    Payments and transactions done online require bank account details. This information, if reaches the wrong hands, could prove disastrous. So, role based access is given to everyone which ensures safety and no payment is proceeded without an OTP to guarantee extra protection.

School EduERP is a highly reliable, customizable and robust ERP solution for schools which are focused on creating the best out of their students in a most efficient manner. It can be customized to suit the specific needs of every school and covers all phases of the academic life cycle, making it a quintessential part of every scholastic organization.

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