School Administration Software: Ease Administrative Task Of The Staff

Jan 5, 2018

School Administration Software: Ease Administrative Task Of The Staff

From the time a student seeks admission at school till he/she is well enrolled for a particular academic life-cycle, a management solution is essential to keep track of student data and progress. A reputed school stays true towards its brand name by being well equipped with the latest technology and software to run administration activities. As we observe changes in academics and learning at schools; software which stays compatible with evolving needs becomes a priority for schools. Other factors which heavily influence school's decision to use software to manage administrative tasks include government policies. School management software is versatile and customizable. One of its essential modules is Student Administration. This module literally eases most of the task of the staff.

We offer the following features for this module:

  • Admission record entry
  • Option to change the student type
  • Roll number list for students
  • Admission Register
  • Monthly Attendance Sheets for teachers
  • Identity cards with student picture and bio-data
  • Board Reports
  • Different report list for student
  • According to government mandate it also generates the following reports
  • Caste and Category
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Urban/Rural area demographic student list
  • Age
  • Medium of Instruction
  • Grant or no-grant report
  • Admission enrollment count
  • User defined reports can be generated too
  • SMS and email facility for Parents

The following Certificate with printed student name:

  • Transfer Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Student Evaluation by faculty

As a company, we believe in rendering definite business solutions to schools. Modules of school management system software are well-equipped with the needs of student life-cycle. This modules are customizable and scalable. School EduERP offers school administration software to efficiently manage all administrative activities of the school campus. We keep updating our software and plug-ins. When you buy our service for your school you buy a technology which is unmatched. Our services pass rigorous quality control checks so we can deliver the best the market has to offer. Our clientele boast of our software and its functionality. Get to know our services and software to experience the best of functionality and operation for your school. Know more about us at School EduERP

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