School EduERP is the cloud based school management software that offers ease and convenience to schools at almost all levels. Our system is highly compatible with each institution and provides best possible result. We have established this site with the sole purpose of upgrading the school management system.

Who Are We?

School EduERP is the student management information system which efficiently manages all activities of school campus. We have established this system to facilitate not only the school management but also teachers and students as well. Our school ERP software generates timely and detailed reports regarding various activities of the student. These reports are crucial to analyze growth and progress. Moreover, with the help of School EduERP now teachers can have enough time to focus on the education of the student instead of generating reports.

School EduERP logo represents three cycles - student cycle, faculty cycle and institute cycle. This system provides assistance in handling the three forefronts- the students, faculty and the school management. Let’s have a look at all three of them individually.

Student Administration Management System

We know that each school needs a full-fledged faculty to handle academic and nonacademic activities of students. However, with the help of School EduERP, now you do not need to worry at all. We provide the best possible solution to handle all the activities related to students in the school. Our student information management system not only generate reports regarding the progress of the students but it also handles fee collection procedure, online submission of fees, exams scheduling and reports generation, scholarship disbursement and maintenance of students' records for the award of scholarship according to set criteria. Furthermore, with the help of School EduERP, students have the facility to check their attendance and progress whenever required.

An Effective Tool for Teachers

With School EduERP, now teachers have the freedom to pay all their attention to the progress and growth of the students. Instead of generating various report regarding students’ behavior and marking of papers, teachers can focus on growth and wellbeing of the students. With the help of school management system software teachers have complete access to the salary and payroll management. They can have a complete record regarding the salary increments and the fringe benefits awarded by the institution in their hands. 

A Complete School Management Solution

School EduERP software is a complete cloud based solution for all types of schools. It offers a solution to the administrative problems of schools. School administration can handle all the critical details regarding students and teachers in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. However, there is no need to handle all the hectic details manually. This school management information system is your one-stop shop to have all the facilities under one roof. From students’ record keeping to teacher’s payroll administration to fee collection, School EduERP handle all the complex and critical information in a highly well organized and effective manner. Moreover, you can provide the limited access to all the stakeholders whenever required.

We offer three packages to our esteemed customers - Basic, Premium and Express packages. With our Basic package, schools can handle student admission, fee collection, and attendance schedule effectively. We offer all the above mentioned features in the smartphones also for easy access. While for the more controlled and effective administration you can go for our Express or Premium packages which also includes the complete access to the payroll management.

What Do We Do?

School EduERP software offers highly effective information handling system in a most professional and convenient manner. With our RFID attendance software, we give freedom to the school management to handle attendance details of students. Moreover, also teachers and other faculty members.

With online fee submission feature, this system facilitates the parents to avoid the long waiting line for the fee submission. Parents only need internet connection and they can submit fee online without any difficulty and delay.

However, with the help of mobile apps, we offer a direct connection between the parents and the teachers. It is best to facilitate the communication about the student activities and progress.

Our Core Values

School EduERP believe in enhancing the quality of education in schools. Our main aim is to automate the education system. By providing the most effective and efficient management information system, we offer school faculty ad teachers to focus on the students’ education and growth. However, the main purpose of an education system is to manage students and teachers equivalent. By providing this amazing technology we help schools to achieve their goals of spreading knowledge in a more digitalized way. 

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