School Management System

School EduERP is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of schools & group of schools. The software provides secure, accurate and timely information. Also generates reports at all levels for better decision making and helps in minimizing the manual work.

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Cloud Based School ERP for K12

School EduERP supports various modern technologies such as online payment gateway, SMS & Email integration, RFID smart cards, biometric, Mobile Apps, etc.
Know more about School Software Modules

  • Student Administration

    Student administration module provides the facility to manage all the administration related tasks on a single platform.

  • Admission & Fees Collection

    With this advance integrated cloud-based module, the organization can handle complicated processes with ease.

  • Attendance Management

    A convenient platform for taking student's attendance online via RFID smart cards and biometrics. Parents are also alerted via SMS.

  • School Bus Management

    This module keeps records/data of driver, vehicle, routes, fees, student reports maintain or organize.

School ERP Cloud For K12
  • Mobile App

    Teachers can mark attendance, share assignment and notes, urgent notices via mobile App.

  • Scholarship & Concessions

    This module of School EduERP provides the ultimate assistance to keep track of the scholarships and funds available.

  • Finance

    This ERP helps the school management to keep track of the expenses and the available funds of the financial and accounting department.

  • Payroll & Leave

    Payroll and leave module provides facility to maintain staff payroll information with salary generation. It also generates MIS reports.

Cutting Edge Digital

Cloud Enabled

Cloud Enabled

Round the clock software offers data security with comprehensive cloud based solution

RFID Tracking

RFID Tracking

Track your child anytime with RFID enabled automated attendance management system

Mobile App

Mobile App

Get ready for campus empowerment with school management App. This App is duely adventegeous for Teachers & Parents.

Online Fees Collection

Online Fees Collection

Pay fees online from anywhere anytime with trusted online payment gateway.

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